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Main Description


Main Description

Invest in the ILIOS MESTOS

Be amongst the first to participate in the prospective success of the New Generation Energy Saving MECHANICAL system that is Ecological, Environmentally Friendly and is of immense benefit to our Atmosphere.

The rewards that await Investors, Sponsors and Participants, range from simple TRINKETS to fully fledged viable Appliances, like ECOBIKES, ECOCARS and trips in the ECOPLANE that will become memories to savour forever.

The ECOSHIP will be a formidable realization of the potential of the immense contribution to the Environment that the ILIOS Mechanical Energy Storage System will make for a cleaner Atmosphere. No fuel to be carried and zero emissions.

Contributions can start from $10 and range up to larger sums, depending on the interest of the participant.

Shareholdings in the Company that will eventually go Public, start from ten units at Euro 14 and will rise by 1 Euro every successive month. With each share, the investor will also receive ten open ended Options, redeemable at the price of the acquired shares. Trinkets will start from key-rings with scale models of the ECOBIKE and the ECOCAR. More substantial rewards will be Paid-trips to our facilities and our Museum, to see how it all began. Every substantial Investor may claim a specific reward, which the Organizers will strive to fulfill, even if it may appear that the reward claimed is above the basic equivalent of the contribution.

We look forward to welcoming our contributors and participants, in what we believe is an exceptionally promising future for the ’ILIOS MESTOS’ that as we hope, will change for the better the Industrial Potential of the near future.  Contact us >> 

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Invest in your future!

 If you wish any other choise besides the three (3) options of payment, please contact us.

 10 Shares + 100 Options

 100 Shares + 1.000 Options

1.000 Shares + 10.000 Options

Main Description
* The Investor will receive a scanned receipt for his payment and a scanned copy of his Share Certificate for which the email address will be needed.
The originals can be snail-mailed if so desired, for which the postal address will also be needed.
Main Description


Explanation of Corporate Financial Structure and Built-in Appreciation

The new Share value as of 7/7/17 is 14 Euro and with each Share 10 Options will be issued. 
The value of 14 Euro will remain for all of August 2017.
On September 1, 2017, the Share value becomes 15.
Those who acquired Shares at 14, now have:
15 Euro in their Share.
10 x 1 Euro in the Potentially redeemed value of their Options.
In other words, they paid 14 Euro and now have a potential 25 Euro.
Those who buy 10 Shares now, pay 140 Euro and get 100 Options with them.
In September 2017 they will have 150 Euro for their Shares and a potential 100 Euro in their Options.
In other words, they paid 140 Euro and now have a potential 250 Euro!
In one year they will have 260 Euro for their Shares and a potential 12 x 100 Euro in their Options.
In other words, they paid 140 Euro 12 months earlier and now have a potential 1,460 Euro – due to Built-in Appreciation.
Those who acquire 1,000 Shares, at 14 Euro get 10.000 Options with them.
On September 1 2017, the Shares will be worth 15.000 Euro and they will also have 10.000 Euro in the potential value of their Options.
In other words, they paid 14,000 Euro 12 months earlier and now have a potential 146,000 Euro! – due to Built-in Appreciation. 

Your good money, for which we thank you, will go towards the implementation of the following Projects:

  1. The ECOCAR (€100,000 )
- To install the Mechanical Energy Storing device – the ILIOS MESTOS 200, with the 100 meter Spiral Spring in a Hybrid Motorcar like the Toyota Prius and remove the Batteries.
- Convert the Motorcar to run solely on the Ecological, Environmentally friendly ILIOS MESTOS 200, no longer using any fuel of any kind.
- Add rigid and/or flexible Photovoltaic Panels to this New Generation Ecological Motorcar, so that part or all of the energy to be stored in the Spiral Spring will come from the sun. 
  1. The ECOBIKE (€500,000)
Mass Producing the Duralumin version of the ECOBIKE, the Mechanized bicycle, with power provided by the Rider, using the 3D Printed Prototype as a mould.
Market the ECOBIKE worldwide, so that within the shortest possible time, it will enjoy a Market Share of 1% of the 150 million new bicycles produced annually. 
  1. The ECOSHIP (€2,000,000)
Produce and install a 20GWatt ILIOS MESTOS, to fit into a 30,000 Dwt ship to replace the Diesel Engine, which will be retained temporarily as a back-up until it can be proved that the ILIOS MESTOS Mechanical Energy Storing System can be a Stand-alone Propulsion medium for the Maritime Industry.
If the above can be achieved within a 2 year period and a sizeable sum in 6 figures of cash liquidity can be attained, then “ILIOS Green Batteries Inc.” can go Public in New York or London.
When this happens, all the wealth accumulated by the Shareholders above, from Potential will become Real.