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 ILIOS MESTOS : The Innovation that will change the world of  Energy Storage and Supply


Main Description

Why is the ILIOS MESTOS unique?

Because the Mechanical Energy Storing Spiral Spring, made up of six twenty meter long Spiral Springs welded together, is the only one in existence!
The Industry only makes hardened Spiral Springs for seat belts, hose retrieval units and hoists, three to four meters long.
When the idea germinated that a hardened Spiral Spring could be used to Store Energy, of all the Spring Makers approached, only one was willing to make a Spiral Spring even 20 meters long and that only after accepting to pay for the tooling cost of 8,000 Euro.
Thirty 20 meter long Spiral Springs of various widths (40 mm & 55 mm) and thicknesses (0.5 mm & 0.7 mm) were acquired in order to mechanize a bicycle, the ECOBIKE.
It was then decided to join six of the 20 meter long Springs in order to create an Ecological 40 kW Mechanical Energy Storage unit, the ILIOS MESTOS 40.
The ILIOS MESTOS 40 with the six twenty meter long joined Spiral Springs confirmed that the Energy Stored can be retrieved at will and at a chosen controlled rate.
The Industry was approached again in order to have a long spring made in one piece.
The only Spring Maker that showed interest claimed that the tooling cost was too high though.
Quoted below is the reply received.
The length and the weight of the spring would also mean we would require new lifting equipment to move the spring. We would be looking for investment of at least 150k Euros for a new machine and lifting equipment.
For a one off unit, at this stage, this cost was prohibitive.
It was only when a Spiral Spring maker was told that the Long Spring was part of an innovation that would need thousands of 100 meter long and even longer Spiral Springs in the future, it was agreed to make the 100 meter long, 1 mm thick Spiral Spring that was recently shipped to us by DHL.
This Spiral Spring is 5 times stronger than the ILIOS MESTOS 40 with the six 20 meters long joined Spiral Springs seen in the photos and the videos.
The 200 kW of Energy that the one piece 100 meter long unit will store, will be sufficient to drive a converted Toyota Prius, with the ILIOS MESTOS replacing the batteries.
As an Ecological, Environmentally friendly Mechanical Energy Storing System drive, needing no fuel at all, a Prius without its batteries and the petrol/diesel engine, will have a range of 500 km and more, with an integrated ILIOS MESTOS drive.
As the cost and weight of the ILIOS MESTOS is almost insignificant compared to that of the batteries and engine used by a Prius, it will be possible to have one or more additional ILIOS MESTOS units in a New Generation ILIOS MESTOS driven vehicle, increasing its range accordingly, especially when the ILIOS MESTOS drive can be combined with renewable energy PV exposure.