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 ILIOS MESTOS : The Innovation that will change the world of  Energy Storage and Supply


Main Description

ILIOS MESTOS Applications

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The Ecobike

The ECOBIKE is an Ecological MECHANIZED bicycle that can negotiate inclines with the energy stored by the Rider.

A specially designed Spiral Spring in the hub of the bicycle is wound by the Rider when the bicycle is static or in motion. The energy stored is then retrieved by the Rider, either when he is about to negotiate an incline or even on level ground, If he so desires.

The integrated Mechanism is purely MECHANICAL, requiring no other external means other than the Rider pedaling. Photo Gallery >>

The Ecocar

The New Generation Environmentally friendly Motorcar needs no fuel of any kind.

The motor is a MECHANICAL device that stores energy derived from the grid or from rigid or flexible Solar Panels.

The first New Generation ECOCAR, is planned to be a converted hybrid like the Toyota Prius (without the batteries), with its ‘engine’ powered by an ILIOS MESTOS unit of about 200 kW, that will give it a range of 500 km, or 5 hours in city and open road driving.  

The Ecoplane

The top part of the wings and the fuselage of the fully  Ecological  ECOPLANE, will be fitted with Solar Panels, to replenish the used power of the ‘ILIOS MESTOS’ units that will propel the plane.

As the ECOPLANE will not need to carry any fuel, it will be able to increase its payload or passenger carrying capacity substantially.




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The Ecoship

The ILIOS MESTOS is a very serious contender to provide the propulsive power for ships, replacing the Diesel Engine and the steam and gas Turbines.

The ILIOS MESTOS powered ECOSHIP will carry no fuel. Apart from not producing any harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner Atmosphere, it will also be able to increase its carrying capacity accordingly. Mechanical Battery Comparison >>

The Ecosubmarine

An Environmentally friendly ILIOS MESTOS, producing zero emissions, can become a back-up system for Nuclear Submarines, replacing the noxious gas producing convention batteries used today.




The Ecosattelite

A specially designed ILIOS MESTOS will provide the integrated continuously renewable power required by a Spaceship, be it in earth orbit or interstellar missions like the ‘HUBBLE’, with its extended Solar Panels continuously replenishing the energy used.



Main Description
Main Description

 * The Project will concentrate initially on the ECOCAR and expand into the other Applications, as the circumstance, both financial and Organizational permit.

The preferred sequence after the ECOCAR will be the ECOSHIP and after that the ECOPLANE.