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 ILIOS MESTOS : The Innovation that will change the world of  Energy Storage and Supply


Main Description
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Why is it unique

Because the Mechanical Energy Storing Spiral Spring, made up of six twenty meter long Spiral Springs welded together, is the only one in existence! More >>


Be amongst the first to participate in the prospective success of the New Generation Energy Saving MECHANICAL system that is Ecological, Environmentally Friendly and is of immense benefit to our Atmosphere. More >>

About the Inventor

Ion Livas is a Naval Architect & Marine Engineer. For more than 50 years his inventions & patents are in use all over the world. In 2011,invents the ILIOS MECHANICAL BATTERY. More >>

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The Da Vinci prophecy

Leonardo da Vinci foretold long ago, of an innovation that would change the face of the earth as we know it today.

It would be like the Transistor that changed the world of communications. Read more>>

The Discovery of a simple, cheap to make, Benign, Ecological, MECHANICAL BATTERY.


It would be able to power a Bicycle uphill, a Car for 1,000 km without fuel, a Propeller Plane, a Submarine, a Ship, even a Space Craft deep into the Galaxies, with renewable boundless Storable Energy. It now goes by the Commercial name of 'ILIOS Green Battery' and is none other than a spiral springs Mechanism. It can store VAST amounts of Energy and return them, constantly, on demand, even after being idle indefinitely, without any loss. 

The world has been eagerly waiting for a Battery that replaces the toxic, the cumbersome, the expensive and the heavy types that are in  use today.

That Battery has now arrived and it drives the ECOBIKE. 

Main Description

--- Inside the Studio ---

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